Flat Fees

Because our consultation retainer services are distinct from our à la carte legal services, you’ll never be charged for services that your business doesn’t need or want. Choose the fee structure that best suits your needs, or schedule a consultation to find out more about how we can best serve you.

Review our à la carte legal options below.


Initial Consultation – $250

  • consultation with attorney
  • discuss legal issues or business concerns
  • determine what legal or business assistance is required
  • discuss fees

During your initial consultation, an attorney of our firm will review any documents you provide about your case, discuss your case with you including the legal issues, proceedings, etc., as well as potential obstacles and outcomes. We will provide you with answers to your questions, and provide you legal advice, options, and strategies based upon the information you provide.

We will also assist you with any business consultations you may require. Whether you need assistance in setting up your construction business, or would like to discuss options to better manage your business, we are here to assist you. We are equipped to not only assist you with the legal needs of your construction business but to also help you build a better business in the process.

Of course, some cases are simple and require less time to discuss, others are complex and require more time to evaluate. We strive to give each and every client the time and attention needed to fully discuss the case. Regardless of the complexity of your case, we want you to leave our offices or telephone meeting, confident that we have addressed all of your concerns fully on this initial visit, confident you understand your case, and confident you have wisely invested your time and resources.

Demand Letters – $150

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review of outstanding invoices and discussion of collection methods
  • drafting and delivery of demand letter
  • follow-up on success of collection

A Demand Letter is the first step any business should take when trying to collect payment that is past due. While a demand letter can be a simple task, the benefits of having a law firm prepare a formal demand letter shows that you are not only serious about collecting the money owed to your business, but it also preserves your rights to additional remedies such as interest and fees. In addition to drafting a formal demand letter on law firm letterhead, we also ensure delivery so there is no question as to the receipt of the letter by the debtor.

Contract Review – beginning at $275

  • review of all contract documents provided
  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • detailed letter from attorney discussing the contract
  • recommendations for possible revisions
  • fee breakdown:
    • $275 (1-3 pages)
    • $575 (4-10 pages)
    • $875 (11+ pages)

Before you sign any contract concerning your business it is important to understand all of the terms you are agreeing to. Most contracts are filled with terms that are beneficial to the drafting party and in the event of a dispute, could be costly for you and your business. Let us help you determine what amendments you should propose before signing a contact to ensure that you are protected from costly litigation. With our assistance, you should never feel pressured into accepting unfair terms or persuaded to sign a contract before reading the document thoroughly. We will provide a detailed review of the contract along with proposed revisions and explanations as to why we recommend these revisions be made.

Invalid Lien Letter (Letter Demanding Lien Removal) – $350

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review of filed lien
  • letter demanding removal of lien
  • legal advice regarding lien

Liens are easily filed, however, because of this easy filing system, many liens are incorrectly filed and many businesses pay debts that they have no legal obligation to pay. If a lien has been filed against your project and you do not think that the filing party has a valid interest in the project, let us help you take the first step in removing the lien. By sending a letter demanding the removal of the lien, it shows that you are serious and are prepared to pursue litigation if necessary. Lien laws are complex and filled with legal nuances. Allow us to assist you in navigating this difficult legal area so that you will not pay a debt you do not owe. As with all of our letters, we ensure prompt delivery so that you will know when and if you need to take further steps in pursuing the matter

Lawsuit Complaint Drafting – $550

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review of legal claim
  • drafting of petition for filing
  • legal advice regarding filing

Filing a lawsuit can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned attorney. So why would you try to represent yourself? For m0st, it is the cost of legal fees that persuade them to represent themselves. What many do not anticipate are the many questions that must be answered before the first pleading, the Complaint, in a lawsuit can be filed: Where do you file? What court has proper jurisdiction? Where is the proper venue? What needs to be included in the Complaint? Do statutes or Code sections need to be cited in my Complaint? What does the Complaint need to look like? These are all questions that can seem easy and while many courts have practice guidelines that are available for download, these do not teach someone how to practice law.

Why not let an experienced legal team draft and file your Complaint. This will ensure that your lawsuit is filed properly, all issues are presented clearly and proper laws are cited, all claims are properly pled, and all remedies are prayed for. For a flat fee, our firm will draft and file for you the most important document in your lawsuit. After the filing of your Complaint, you can then choose to handle the remainder of the litigation on your own or contact us again and discuss our hourly representation options. We want you to be successful, and we will work with you to determine what representation is right for you.

Lawsuit Answer Drafting – $550

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review of lawsuit filed
  • drafting an answer for filing
  • legal advice on filing answers

Being served with a lawsuit can elicit a myriad of feelings, but do not let uncertainty be one of them. We can help you determine what your next step should be. As a defendant, your Answer is possibly the most important filing throughout any litigation and is necessary to prevent your opponent from taking a default judgment against you.

There are many options such as objections, defenses, and counterclaims that must be pled and many will be waived if they are not pled in your Answer. Let us assist you in determining what must be included in your Answer, drafting your Answer, and then filing your Answer. After your Answer is filed you can then continue the litigation on our own or we will be happy to assist you further depending on what level of continued representation you choose.

Opinion Letter – $650

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • research of legal issues and inquiries
  • opinion letter from attorney
  • legal advice on researched issues

Making important business decisions can often hinge on your understanding of the laws and how they apply to you and your business. Hiring an attorney, however, can often be costly and many find that hiring legal professionals and paying for their services hourly is just not possible. At our firm, we will answer your legal questions and perform legal research for a flat fee. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the legal issues you are concerned about as well as detailed notes regarding applicable laws.

Mechanic Liens – $650

  •  consultation with attorney via telephone
  • drafting and filing Mechanic Lien
  • recorder filing fees
  • service of lien with demand letter
  • research of legal property description
  • research of property owner
  • legal advice on lien laws

In order to ensure that your lien is filed properly and your ability to recover is guaranteed, it is recommended that you seek counsel. Many businesses make simple mistakes in filing liens and these simple mistakes cost them the payment for their work. Do not let a simple filing mistake preclude you from securing payment. A correctly filed lien, in many instances, does not only ensure payment of a specific amount but it also secures the continuance of your business. Allow our staff to ensure every detail of your lien is correct and that your lien is filed in a proper place.

Bond Claims – $650

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • drafting and filing bond claim
  • recorder filing fees
  • service of claim with demand letter
  • legal advice regarding bond claims

Unlike on privately owned construction projects, you\’re unable to file a mechanic\’s lien if unpaid on a state and federal project. Instead, payment bonds are issues at the start of most state and federal projects, and any unpaid parties can file a lien against the payment bond. The Miller Act and the Little Miller Act, for state projects, are essential when dealing with payment in connection with government projects and proper and timely filing is required in order to secure your right to payment. Also, for more information regarding the Miller Act, check out our “Statutes” section.

Contract Drafting – $750

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review and discussion of existing contract
  • 3 drafts of customized contract
  • legal advice regarding contract terms and use

A well-written contract is necessary for a successful construction business. Whether it be a contract to extend credit, supplies, or labor, a written agreement that all parties involved can operate by is imperative. Let us draft a contract that is as unique as your business and the services you provide. We will assist you in determining what terms are most important to you and your business as well as to your clients. Once a contract is finalized we will provide you with a document that you can edit and personalize so that it will be specific to all of your needs no matter how difference each of your projects may be.

Lien Removal Suit – $3500

  • consultation with attorney via telephone
  • review of filed Mechanic Lien
  • letter demanding removal of lien
  • drafting and filing a petition
  • service of petition
  • all filing and service fees
  • appearance at hearing for lien removal proceeding
  • memorandums and briefs drafting
  • legal advice

When someone has filed an invalid mechanic\’s lien, it is often difficult and frustrating to handle on your own. Allow us to assist you from start to finish in this litigation for one flat fee. We will prepare and file all necessary court documents, make any and all court appearances, advise and keep you informed about your case at all times, and will alleviate the stress you feel from mounting legal bills by performing this service for a flat fee.

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