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We Know Construction Law.

Our specialty is construction law. That means we know the construction business—and we know it well. We’re experienced subcontractors ourselves, which means that whatever hurdle you’re facing is probably one we’ve faced a dozen times ourselves—and not just from a lawyer’s vantage point. We know the industry—its lingo, its customs, the technical processes of building—and that means we’re uniquely positioned to help you make the best decisions for your construction business.

Like most folks who work in the construction industry, we hate waste. We can give you the practical advice you’re looking for—advice that will lead to the best, simplest solution. We work with you one-on-one, and our advice is personalized to you as an individual. We think you’ll find this sets us apart from other law firms.

We also have alternate fee structures in place to best suit your company’s individualized needs (and we promise not to nickel and dime you, either).

Supporting Start-Ups and Established Small Businesses.

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve their vision (hey, we’re entrepreneurs, too). Navigating the legal ins and outs of creating a business is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult: We’ll provide expert guidance as you establish your business. A smart, well-considered legal strategy is the backbone of a strong business, one that will save you time and money as your business grows.

Once your venture is established, we’ll act as your advisors and consultants, working with you to create customized strategies to keep your business performing at its highest capacity.

Counsel Services.

Building and Maintaining Your Small Business’s Legal Strategy.

Maintaining an informed legal strategy is an imperative part of running a business—it’s a decision that will save you money and keep you positioned for success. We’ll help you build a personalized legal strategy, answer your questions (big and small), and work with you to identify any other matters with possible legal ramifications that you may not have considered. Contract Law also provides a wide range of specific legal services, including Demand Letters, Contract Drafting, Lawsuit Drafting, Contract Review, and more.

It’s our job to guide you through the process of crafting your legal strategy and keeping you in the know about shifting federal laws and regulations, and we take pride in doing so efficiently and thoroughly. We know the industry—and we’ll help you get to know the laws behind it. Consider us a personal, hands-on external advisor for your company.

Your Legal Facilitators.

In addition to acting as legal counsel and advisor for your business, Contract Law is positioned to function as a facilitator between disputing parties. You want practical advice, and a solution now—not after months of back-and-forth legal wrangling that’s expensive and unproductive. We’ll work as a mediator to find a resolution that allows you to avoid months of phone calls, letters, and waiting for court dates. We seek to build trust and credibility between the two parties to achieve a peaceful, cooperative resolution.

We’re Versatile, Too.

Founder and President Louis Avallone, Attorney at Law, is an experienced subcontractor and entrepreneur, working for a family subcontracting business that has been in operation for over forty years. Louis’ unique and varied experience, community involvement, and penchant for helping entrepreneurs makes Contract Law especially well-positioned to provide counsel for all breeds of small business in the construction industry.

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